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Nowadays, we can see references in many articles. In this essay, I will list my opinions about why that we should reference them.

Every authors have their intellectual property rights to the work they produced. In order to avoid plagiarism and protect their IPRs, we need to give explanation notes to the sentences or paragraphs we cited in our articles. New publications need to argue for the legitimacy of their problem and situate the claimed contribution in the knowledge structure of the relevant field. Here, references play an important role(1981 Adatto, K., and S. Cole. 1981.). Therefore, while we having the rights, we have to obey the laws and be careful about plagiarism to build up a sound system. We need to have legal awareness about reference and be aware of the legitimacy of the paragraph cited in the article.

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Except from the legal and rights aspect, reference could be a responsibility to us as well. Patrick Dunleavy(2017) wrote, ‘Yet the significance of citations goes far beyond energizing and rewarding scientific and academic competition, and for PhDers and early career researchers it is worth briefly enumerating these rationales somewhat more.’. Taking our responsibility to respect the achievements that belong to others is very important. We do the citation and referenced it so that we can develop our ideas from different generation researchers legally and properly. Although we have already set up some rules for reference and citations, but these are not enough so that we must respect other people’s work, then the work by ourselves can also be respected by others.

Referencing could be used as judging the quality of an essay as well. As Patrick Dunleavy(2017) wrote, ‘The decisions that scientists and academics make about including or not including citations to support their arguments play a very important role in conditioning how their colleagues regard and evaluate their work. ’. The amount of references could reflect the amount of research that the author did before or during writing it and how they develop on others’ ideas. Referencing can also give credits to the writer whose work are quoted and help readers to find where the sentences or paragraphs quoted from. In my own opinion, the reference from an article can also show the quality of the creator/writer.

Summary: We use reference to protect the rights and the works. We use reference to get ideas or develop our ideas from other people’s work legally and properly. We use reference to evaluate the article and the author.

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