Essays on Scotland

My Childhood In Scotland: Personal Experience

I have grown up in Scotland, in a city named Inverness my whole life. I grew up in Inverness so it has been the only place that I’ve known to be a personal area for me. I have come from a very close family, including the extended family, and have always grown up with people...
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Inclusion in Scotland: History, Barriers and Benefits

Intro Scotland has been the forefront in education since the late 1800’s. The idea of universal school education pioneered the pedagogical ideal and revolutionised the way the country and how many other countries viewed education. However, Scotland had its issues. During the mid-nineteenth century, one in three children were not in education. Buildings were unsuitable...
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The Misinterpreted History of Scotland

In the first episode of Neil Oliver’s “A History of Scotland,” Oliver claims that Scotland’s history is overly romanticized and misrepresented. I believe that Oliver is correct in stating this. Some people are misrepresented or mislabeled. Most of Scottish history is recorded by outside sources, many times by the enemy, and possibly altered to make...
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