Smoking: Reasons, Impact On Health And Ways Of Cessation

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Smoking is one of the most dangerous and negative phenomena that have spread in our communities, where there is no society without smokers among its members. It even entered almost every house. Scientists and researchers made great efforts to deal with it, and they wrote articles and researches, to reduce this scourge and indicate its danger. Because smoking is the silent killer of human beings, I do this research to speak in detail about smoking, its first appearance, its reasons, its effects on health and society, and ways to quit it.

Let us first talk about the first appearance of smoking. The first year for the emergence of cigarettes was in 1492 AD after the Spanish sailors discovered the continent of America, where they saw tobacco trees there, but the emergence of smoking in the Arab countries was in 1400 AH where at that time the smoking was evidence of wealth And sophistication.

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Today, tobacco smoking is one of the most common forms of smoking. There are more than one billion smokers around the world. Smoking has always been associated with religious celebrations as a ritual of cleansing and offering to the gods, but after the invasion of the Europeans to America, tobacco smoking spread widely and then spread to the countries of the African continent and Asia.

Do you know the components of cigarette smoke? There are more than 2000 substances in cigarette smoke that kill humans slowly such as smoking residues, including:

1-Nicotine: Deadly alkaline liquid as it is enough to inject 500 milligrams of it into human blood to lead to his death immediately. Nicotine has a direct effect on the cells of the nervous system, irritating it, this is followed by a decline in activity and vital forces. It also affects muscle fibers and causes muscle relaxation. Nicotine is the main ingredient in tobacco addiction. It absorbs the blood and affects the brain within 10 seconds, which makes the smoker feel good. This element increases blood pressure, increases heart rates, and increases adrenaline. Some smokers feel good, and after the removal of this effect, the smoker would like to smoke another cigarette because it causes addiction.

2. Carbon monoxide gas: This chemical, which is found in car exhaust smoke, causes a lack of oxygen in the blood, which deprives the organs of the body get enough oxygen, and increases the pressure on the heart when pumping blood.

3. Tar: Tar causes chronic infections in the mouth, lips, and tongue, as it may cause cancer. When tar reaches the stomach, it causes inflammation and can lead to stomach ulcers, and delay the healing process, and may even turn it into a cancerous ulcer. To make sure of that look at the pipe you use to see the amounts of sediment remaining in it when you clean it.

4. Carbon atoms: These atoms enter bronchitis and they cause contraction of airways and thus reduce the amount of air and oxygen entering the lung.

Now we will talk about why do so many people smoke. The distress caused by unemployment may drive a large group of young people to smoke. The blind tradition of peer group and parents also attract them to smoke. Another reason is the poor school environment, such as when the teacher smoking in front of his students. We can say the lack of family stability can shoving them to smoke.

Parents give their children, young and adolescents, a lot of money without asking them how to spend it, as the lack of parental control of their children is one of the most important reasons for children smoking.

After that, I will talk about the effects of smoking on health in general. It increases the chances of developing esophageal and duodenal cancer, tongue, pancreas, lung, and stomach cancer.

Not only that, Smoking helps in the appearance of signs of aging because it causes the appearance of fine strands and wrinkles on the skin. It Causes a number of problems in the digestive system, as the smoker loses proper taste and develops indigestion and stomach ulcers. It also causes a severe cough and delays recovery from flu and colds. Smoking can reduce sexual abilities and sometimes infertility. If pregnant women smoke or are exposed to secondhand smoke, this increases their chances of premature birth, because smoking materials cause placental separation from the uterine wall. Nicotine and carbon monoxide prevents oxygen and food from reaching the fetus properly. That smoking increases the chances of abortion.

In addition to that, Smoking increases air pollution, affecting the cleanliness and beauty of the environment. The smell of the smoker’s mouth becomes unpleasant. It also changes the color of the lips and the color of the gums and causes the teeth to weaken and fall.

Smoking is one of the most important causes of heart attacks and stroke, and smokers are the most likely to have heart attacks and strokes that may lead to sudden death.

From a religious point of view, smoking is considered a sin against God, and its perpetrator will be held accountable. It also causes harm to those around the smoker and causes corruption of fresh air. It is considered an extravagance.

There are many ways to quit smoking I will talk about some of them.

Immediate cessation: This is the cessation of the smoker to stop smoking tobacco suddenly, where he exploits the determination and strength of his will and bears all withdrawal symptoms of the element of nicotine, which is the urgent desire to smoke and the incidence of tension and anxiety, as well as psychological suffering from this, and the likelihood of return smoker to smoke heavily.

Gradual cessation: The smoker gradually ceases tobacco smoking, starting to reduce the number of cigarettes he smokes per day, but it must be taken into account that the final cessation of smoking in a period not exceeding three weeks at most, which helps to Nicotine withdrawal, which reduces the amount of suffering that may result from smoking cessation.

Drugs and medicines: There are some types of certain drugs and medicines that contain high propionate, which is an effective antidepressant and frustration caused by quitting smoking, and these drugs have a significant role in reducing the urge to smoke cigarettes.

Finally, as you see, smoking is one of the global problems that have many negative aspects at various levels and areas, both in terms of economic, health, social as well as cultural and psychological. Smoking causes the death of more than five million people per year, in addition, that smoking causes many health problems and diseases, such as heart attacks, strokes, and respiratory disturbances such as asthma or lung cancer which caused death. In my opinion, smoking should be banned in public places and smokers should also be fined to force them to quit smoking.


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