Essays on Adventure

The Importance Of Adventure: Persuasive Essay

“One who goes nowhere is infinitely safer than one who goes everywhere. The one who stays then has to listen to the one who goes, while he who goes is in more danger he is the one who really lives.” J.R.M. In life it is important for people to seek ‘adventure’, adventure can be as...
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Traditional Backpackers: Adventurous Travelling

Introduction “Backpacker” is someone who is travelling around the globe with minimum budget and instead of putting their travel essentials in a luggage or suitcase they use a huge backpack to move from one destination to another. Backpackers usually choose to stay in a hostel rather than a hotel, because they are travelling in a...
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Nepalese Company Named Creative Adventure Nepal: SWOT, PORTER, PESTEL Analysis

Introduction: I will be analyzing a Nepalese company named Creative Adventure Nepal. It is a dedicated travel company providing exceptional tour, trekking and expedition facilities (Creative Adventure Nepal, 2019). This company was established in 2006 as a small travel company specializing especially in tour, trekking, expedition and mountain climbing in Nepal. After few years they...

Case Study And SWOT Analysis Of Montauk: Outdoor Activities

Case Study SWOT Analysis Section 1: Montauk, New York is a village at the east end of the Long Island peninsula. This village resides in Suffolk County and is in the town of East Hampton with a current population of 3,326 people covering 52㎢[1]. The population density is only 65/㎢ which is extremely low compared...
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