Essays on Modern Technology

Issues Concerning Trust: Survey of Solutions to IoT Security Issues Using Blockchain

Abstract: Internet of things (IoT) is indicating exponential development in industry and research fields, yet regardless it experiences security vulnerabilities. IoT gadgets procedure and trade information without human cooperation. Security issues will keep on expanding with such a template, particularly for confidential information, such as information gathered with increasingly more refined associated gadgets (framing the...
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Argumentative Essay on Benefits of Cloud Computing

Introduction: As SysOps Engineer for NERF, we have received funding for a particle accelerator program and now it is our responsibility to choose an operating system and in effect a cloud platform that fits all the requirements of the job at hand. The main concerns that the company faces with this is that the chosen...
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Artificial Intelligence: Analytical Analysis of Main Aspects

Introduction I have chosen this topic to throw some light on one of the most trending technologies these days are known as AI (Artificial Intelligent).In this paper I will discuss some of the important aspects related to AI which will help in a better understanding of Artificial Intelligent and both its advantages and disadvantages. This...
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Artificial Intelligence: Philosophy, Goals and Applications

Abstract: The current description of artificial intelligence is “the education and plan of intelligent mediators” where an intelligent agent is an organization that observes its atmosphere and takes activities that exploit its chance of triumph. It is one of the latest skills which started rapidly after world war2, and whose name was created in 1956...
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Report On The Data Structures Used In Photoshop

Introduction Adobe Photoshop is a raster graphics editing application developed and published by Adobe Inc. In the Photoshop application, the history buffer can store a maximum 20 entries because each editing operation may require a large memory space to be stored. Problem Definition In our world where almost, everyone gets attracted by what they see,...
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